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Playstation Move gameplay and overview [Sep. 18th, 2010|07:31 pm]

Picked up the Playstation Move yesterday for our PS3. I received alot of questions
about it and the games, so I thought I'd make a video showing some of the games that
come with the bundle pack, and some of the gameplay of it. This was only my first
or 2nd time playing many of the games, so I sucked pretty bad. =)

Overall I like it though. I used to have a Wii sitting in the living room at my old
house, but it just didn't click with me well.. and I ended up never playing it too
much. I CAN see myself playing this alot more though. It's alot more accurate and
smooth, and just feels alot better. Plus the video camera adds some fun aspects
to many games where you can actually see yourself on the screen.

Sorry for the low quality camera recording!

Watch it at: