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Weekend in St. Augustine - Matt Ferrell [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Weekend in St. Augustine [Nov. 26th, 2007|05:21 pm]
This past weekend in St. Augustine (for my birthday) was fun! Went down with Austin and stayed from Friday till late Sunday night. David and Jennifer also came down Friday night to hang out.

I have LOADS of photos to upload.. but for now, here's a sample:

Austin at St. Augustine Lighthouse:

Me. See the best first.


We also ran into Korey and Yasmine while down there. =D

Austin in front of Ripley's Museum

Me.. taking photos of stuff

The photo I was taking above

Austin and Jennifer


Austin, Jennifer, David and I being weird sitting in Jacuzzi

Austin at the St. Augustine Lighthouse

David broke the bathroom window. Opps (but fixed it back!)

Jennifer, Austin and I being weird


Austin chillin'

Me chillin'.. in bathtub.

The old fort

Austin and clouds

Roaming cemetery

Austin with cannon

Lots more to come later. =)

[User Picture]From: tearzz
2007-11-27 12:01 am (UTC)

love the pics...

Happy Belated Birthday Matt!!! these pics are amazing!!! you must of had a great time for your birthday!!! can't wait to see the next batch of pics... as always, you look adorable!!!
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